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The Italian Watercolourists Association was born in 1974 in Milan when a few painters decided to promote the ancient technique of watercolour. Soon later some important Italian painters joined the project.
At the beginning AIA worked at a local level but, over the years, it has expanded nationally and internationally.
In 1998 AIA launched, with the Belgian Association, the European Confederation of Watercolour Societies (ECWS) which today includes 13 member-societies. Recently AIA has taken the coordination of the ECWS.
AIA, which is a no-profit organization, is managed by a Board appointed by its members.
Today AIA has 140 ordinary members, distributed all over the country, who participate in the activities organized by the association. Moreover AIA has 40 supporter members. Becoming ordinary member of AIA is subject to a Jury selection who meets each year in November. Supporters are very welcome anytime.
AIA promotes watercolour technique to the general public. We have a preference for the “pure” watercolour technique without intervention of ink, pastel or other materials so that the lights are made of the white of the paper.
To reach its aim AIA organizes and takes part in exhibitions in Italy and abroad, schedules international symposium every four years.
AIA organizes workshops, courses and cultural events at its venue.
AIA celebrates the World Watercolour Day (in November) by organizing the annual exhibition of its members at its venue.
AIA issues the magazine “L’Acquerello”.
Currently the European Confederation of Watercolour Societies is an important network of 13 associations and nearly 5000 painters from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden and it is still expanding.
ECWS promotes the watercolour technique internationally and to this end, each year, one of its member-society organizes the exhibition.
Address: Via G. Ciardi, n. 25 – 20148 MILANO (Italy)
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